Training Your Brain for Optimal Health

By David Meine, Author, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Brain Training Coach

“Thoughts are energy. And you can make your world or break your world by thinking.”  -Susan L. Taylor

Did you know that the average person has over 6,200 separate thoughts each day? Science has just recently identified a way to separate and count our thoughts. These thoughts affect the many daily choices we make. They also affect our behaviors and habits.

How many of those daily thoughts happen in our ‘conscious’ mind? Or, stated another way, how many of our daily thoughts are deliberate? And how many of our thoughts happen in our subconscious mind, simply by default?

Your subconscious mind does the heavy lifting

Neuroscience says that our subconscious mind does about 95% of the work. This means we are only consciously aware of about 5% of all the “stuff” going on in our minds. That makes our subconscious mind a pretty powerful force. It’s connected to the central nervous system and regulates everything from breathing to digesting our food. It also hosts our “thought programming center,” affecting the way we think, feel, act, and react…all running on autopilot, unless we intentionally intervene.

I have spent many years researching how our thoughts affect our actions. The great news is, you really can train your brain. We just have to understand the way it works, and it’s not nearly as difficult as you might imagine.

The primary function of our subconscious mind is to follow the instructions the conscious mind gives it. But, we have to show our subconscious mind that what our conscious mind says and thinks is true. And prove that we mean it!

Your brain – the gatekeeper of your comfort zone

As we try to change bad habits and implement new behaviors, the brain will initially try to sabotage our efforts. There’s an important reason for this. The brain fights to maintain homeostasis; it tries to keep things the same. For example, it’s constantly working to keep our body temperature stable and to balance the hundreds of chemicals in our billions of cells so that it all works in harmony. 

When we do something that interrupts homeostasis, or the status quo, the brain balks. It causes you to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable whenever you try to do something new or different. That’s the brain’s job.

This is why training the brain is so critical! All of our habits and patterns are stored in the subconscious mind. It knows your comfort zones and works to keep you in them. However, the subconscious mind will obey what the conscious mind tells it to. 

Rewrite the script and change your brain

As a certified brain training coach, I’ve developed a brain training program that incorporates brain editing, accountability practices, journaling, and visualization. As you learn how to train your brain, you’ll access the power to literally rewrite the script and change the way you think. When you change the way you think, you also change behaviors and outcomes.

You’ll be able to take a negative behavior that you’ve unconsciously trained your brain on for years, and retrain your brain with a positive replacement thought pattern and behavior. Brain training can help you to get in shape, eat better, sleep better, and make healthy lifestyle changes. 

Transform your life through brain training

Although our focus here is on achieving optimal health, brain-training skills are applicable to many other areas of life as well. You can use brain training to transform your life in multiple arenas. It’s a powerful skill that can help you create a quality life that can inspire those around you. Any time you want to modify your brain, you can employ some “mental training” and really make a difference.

I’ve helped thousands of people on their journey to optimal health by coaching them through my brain training program. There is nothing better than seeing someone change their life and take back their health as they learn how to harness the power of their mind. Why wait? You have the ability to make lasting and meaningful changes in your life. Let’s start today!

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  1. Brain training is something I have done here and there through the years without realizing I’m doing it. Having a path and guide with your work is so essential to rapid development and better habits created. The mindset truly is the engine for all that we do. People can have great abilities, but without the mindset and brain training to believe they can succeed, or establish habits and patterns that will take them there, it is always sad to see someone with great potential not live up to their calling and promise. Well done on this work! Looking forward to reading more.

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