David Meine, has shared his message of entrepreneurial success & leadership through his 45 years of business to audiences nationwide. Here are a few of his career highlights:

He has started 18 businesses, including taking one from an idea in his garage to over $40Million in yearly sales.

He’s been Recognized & Awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year.

The author of 4 books, he has appeared on international media through podcasts, TV, and interviews influencing millions.

A Certified Train Your Brain Coach, his Mental Meditation “Deep Sleep” audio has helped people worldwide to win back their health and sleep better.

A Ironman Competitor, and participating in 42 Olympic Triathlons as an amateur athlete, he has won gold, silver and bronze at every level of competition in biking, running, pickleball, and enjoys pushing himself to the limit.

He has beaten cancer multiple times.

In his sixties, along with his beautiful wife, Carla, this dynamic duo founded the company “More The Healthy™”, that is changing the lives, energy and health of countless individuals. Meanwhile, David has returned to his high school weight through better habits and choices, and on a typical day can play pickleball for 2 hours, go for a 30-mile bike ride, and run multi-million dollar companies. All while being a father of 7 children and grandfather to 18.