IdealShape for Life

IdealShape for Life
“Finally a weight loss book that is designed for the lay person. The information was awesome!”

Cassie Reed

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The Right Weight Loss Book For You!

Drawing on the weight loss expertise of David Meine and the IdealShape team, this guide will teach you how to master the mental, nutritional and exercise components of your body shaping goals. Get ready to ditch your strict diet and grueling fitness regime! We’re here to help you reach-and KEEP- your ideal shape, by adopting healthy habits you can stick with for life.
In this guide, you’ll first learn how to transform your body using your most powerful ally: your mind. We’ll show you how to sharpen your goals and reverse the mental obstacles that have prevented you from realizing them. Next we’ll walk you through creating a simple meal plan and a rock solid exercise program, while teaching you the basic principles of nutrition and exercise for weight loss so you can adapt the plan to your preferences and lifestyle.


Throughout the book you’ll find sample meal plans and tons of easy healthy meal recipes (including delicious low-calorie meal replacement shake recipes!), plus goal setting worksheets, a fitness calendar and a hunger scale-all tools that will empower you to stay on track.


Read this book if you’re ready to achieve lifelong confidence, energy and strength and create your ideal shape once and for all!

People Who Have Changed Their Thinking For Weight Loss Success

  • Jenna Lost
  • Mitch Lost
  • Padgett Lost
  • Jean Lost

David Meine

Personal Motivational Brain Trainer

As IdealShape's Brain Trainer, David Meine has extensive experience
working with industry experts to discover the best ways to change the brain
for positive weight loss success. He has become convinced that the path to
truly training the brain to achieve lasting health and fitness goals is within
everyones grasp. Since then, David has created the IdealShape Brain
Training CD series and has authored two books: "Think: Use Your Mind
to Shrink Your Waistline," released January 2013; and "IdealShape for Life"
written with Carla Meine and Skyler Meine. He has motivated thousands of
people over his 30+ years as a professional speaker. One truth he believes
is that weight loss begins or ends in the mind.


"I thought it was awesome that a family wrote a book together on helping people create their ideal shape. It was an easy read and very actionable." Carol via Book Review

"I use visualizations in my sports training, I never thought about it applying to weight loss. I just got the Visualizing Your Ideal Shape brain training Cd and it is already helping me to change my body shape." Anthony via Facebook

"I found the section on Brain Training very enlightening. I now understand that weight loss begins and ends in the brain." Vikki via Email


Having references for the brain, nutrition, meal plans and exercises has been a great help in losing weight." Jacob via Facebook